Qualify without having to show tax returns. These loans are perfect for you self-employed people who take advantage of as many deductions as possible because your tax returns are not considered.

 The Bank Statement Mortgage

The bank statement mortgage allows us to approve you even if have taken a lot of deductions and can not qualify based on the adjusted gross. We use the deposits to demonstrate that you have the ability to repay and the process is fast and easy! We connect you directly to your bank where 12 months of your bank statements, either business or personal are immediately downloaded and calculated by the A.I. to determine which of the deposits will qualify as income. Then a live loan officer will review the statements to see what options are available to you. If you have been turned down for conventional financing, we can get you out there looking for a home in under an hour.

Providing 1099’s only

The perfect solution for the 1099’d professional. Realtors, Insurance Professionals, Physicians, Attorneys in private practice, and Independent contractors of any sort, who are 1099’d can benefit from this program. It’s even easier than the bank statement program as it streamlines the paperwork requirement. Simply provide your last two years 1099’s and we use that to calculate income and demonstrate your ability to repay. It’s easy! There are of course a few other items required but still much less documentation than any full doc conventional experience.

Using a P & L Only

This is the perfect loan for a business owner, who wants to use the P & L from their business instead of producing bank statements and it is as simple as it sounds. With a CPA-prepared P & L, we can calculate your income and qualify you, without tax returns, bank statements, or 1099’s. And it can be used to purchase or refinance, both owner and non-owner properties with ease. These tend to be perfect for retailers, online merchants, and small to medium-sized business owners of any kind!

Sufficient Asset Qualification

This program is perfect for the long time saver, who doesn’t currently have qualifying or regular income. If you have enough assets to cover the entire amount of your mortgage and a certain multiplication of your monthly expenses, then you can qualify without having to explain income, show tax returns or produce a bunch of statements. And you are not leveraging your assets to do it.

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